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Broodmare Band of JH Farms
Our mares have some very good bloodlines. Which include Two Eyed Jack, Skipper W, Poco Bueno, Doc Bar, Blue Valentine,Gooseberry, Joe Hancock, Sun Frost, Driftwood, Leo San, King and alot more. We strive to have quality quarter horse mares with great bloodlines to go with our studs.

SALLY HOLLY:  A Red dun mare that is 15 hands tall is a granddaughter of HollywoodDun it.

DEES POCO BARS AQHA #4805257 2006 Grulla Mare: She is AQHA registered marethat is 15.1 and includes some incredible bloodlines such as Poco Bueno, Doc Bar, ThreeBars, King-P234, Sonny Dee Bar, and Leo. She has incredible foundation bloodlines withcolor and conformation to match.
EMS CHOCOLATE CHIP 2004 GREY MARE AQHA #4520239 This 15.2 hand marehas bloodlines that include Peppy San, Doc Bar, Two Eyed Jack, and Colonel Freckles. Shehas great size and quality conformation. She throws all these qualities on her foals.
DLC GO BE PEPPY2000 BLACK MARE AQHA #3969935 This big thick mare hasbloodlines that include Peppy San, Leo San, Poco Bueno, Go Man Go, and Jackie Bee.
JR PEPPY JACK FROST: 2008 RED ROAN: 16 Hands tall. This mare is Sunfrost Bred.
JANETS LUCKY MONEY 2007 RED ROAN: This mare is out of Reno Money Two.
APRIL PRIDE GIRL2004 BLUE ROAN MARE AQHA #4481867 This blue roan mare stands15.2 and has the conformation to match her color. Her bloodline includes foundation bloodlike Two Eyed Jack and Jackie Bee and quality running blood like VooDoo Wheels andGrey Banker.
MS TRIPLE BETTY ZAN2006 BLACK MARE AQHA #4923639. This black mare standsout in a crowd. She is 16 hands tall and weighs 1300 pounds. Her foals have the same kindof size and disposition. Her Bloodline includeds Zan Parr Bar, Hollywood Gold, JoeReed, Bert, Three Bars and Joe Hancock.
TWEETY JAMI VALENTYN 2006 BLUE ROAN MARE AQHA #X0607966 This 15-3 handmare is a granddaughter of Leo Hancock Hayes. Her top side includes Hancocks Blue Boy andMr Roan Hancock. Her bottom side includes Leo Hancock Hayes and great running bloodsuch as Have a Go and Bob's Folly.

TWEETY BLUBERRY GAL 2004 BLUE ROAN MARE AQHA #4506590 This nice sizemare is 15-2 hands tall and her bloodlines include Blue Dust Hancock, Terrible Scotch, andJohn Hancock. Her bottom side includes Blue Valentine, Go Lite Go, and Pretty PennyBar
SKIP BUENOITA KING2006 GRULLA MARE AQHA #4881529 This mare is 15-3 handstall and has a great mixture of quality bloodlines that include Poco Bueno, Windchester,Docs Codalena King on top and Mr. Two D Jack, Skipper W and MuchaBueno on the bottom.
BRANDYS TWO BIT GIRL2004 BUCKSKIN MARE AQHA #4505248 This gorgeous mare stands 15-2 hands tall and her bloodlines include Poco Bueno (2 times), King P234, andRoan Bar. She has a lot of dun factor in her so its a great compliment to our roanstallions and the foals are evidence of that.
MS METALLIC FROST2006 PALOMINO MARE AQHA #4804344 She stands 15-3 handstall and has some incredible bloodlines that include Sun Frost, Doc Bar, Driftwood Ike,Peppy San Badger, and Freckles Playboy just on top. Her bottom side includes DriftinFritz, Drifta Leo, and Joe Cody. She has bloodlines that will fit any need you have. 
HANCOCKS HAPPY RUBY 2004 BAY ROAN MARE AQHA #4625391 Hancock,Hancock, Hancock. This mare stands 15-3 hands tall and has the hip to match her height.Her bloodlines include JP Hancock, Blue Boy Hancock, Joe Reed, King P-234, WarWagon Hancock, Jackie Bee, and Peppy San.
Bazzars Honey1998 BUCKSKIN MARE AQHA #3738449 This is a 15-1 tall mare that is out of Zans Rawhide and a Docs Jack Sprat / Blondy's Dude mare. She is a trained cutter.
   RMSister Fluffy  This is a 15-1 tall mare that is out of a son of Pat Cowan and a mare that is out of our Figure Four 486 stud.
     JR BlueHatcock O14  We are proud to be able to add this 16 hand mare that is out of our Figure Four 486 stud to our broodmare band.
Ellees OTO Peppythis is a 15 hand mare that is really thick built with a lot of foundation & ranch breeding.
Figure Four Cutterthis is a 15-3 hand mare that is out of our Figure Four 486 stud.
CHANA ON GUARD 2007 BAY ROAN MARE AQHA #5036203 This mare bloodlines include Leo, Poco Bueno, Skipper W, and Peppy San Badger. She is a very roaned out mare and throws that on her foals. 
Valentines Champagne 15-3 mare out of JS Perty Valentine stud.
ROPN CASINO GIRL BLUE ROAN MARE AQHA #4470795 This nice size 14-2 hand mare bloodlines include Lowry Hancock, Lowry Hancock Jr and some great running bloodsuch as Mr. Race Runner, Easy Illusion, and Tinky Top Deck.
 RIPS LIL ANGEL 2001 BAY ROAN AQHA #4065544 This mare is a well  put together mare that bloodline includes Leo Hancock Hayes, Blue Valentine(2 times), Leo, PocoBueno, and Joe Hancock 
Candy Kate 020 This is a really heavy made mare who's bloodlines include Peppys Boy, DocOlena, and King Fritz.

TWEETY RED VALENTINE 2004 RED ROAN MARE AQHA #4488531  15-2 hand mare who's bloodlines include Lowry Hancock Jr, Blue Valentine(2 times), and Flaming Jet Jr.She has a great compliment of running blood and foundation ranch bloodlines that make this big mare produce some great foals
BLU KRISTLE ROSE BLUE ROAN MARE  This is a nice young mare that has some quality conformation with some great bloodlines to boot. We are excited to see her throw her conformation on her foals. 16 hands tall.
BELVAS FIGURE GIRL 02 red roan mare This mare is Hancock and BlueValentine bred on her top side and Bar Money and Ima Jet Deck on bottom. So she has solid foundation blood, cow blood and running Blood.She is 15-3 hands tall and is a great mix of solid bloodlines that she passes on to her foals.
PEPPYS BLUE DREAMS 07 blue roan mare 15-1 hands tall, This is a marethat we have raised. She is sired by Reno Money Two and her dam is Ima Peppys Dream which traces back to Peppy San. This mare has theconformation and color to match her blood.
RS QUARTER MISS  02  buckskin mare15-2 hands tall. This good sized quality mare traces back to Blue Valentine Twice on her top side and JoeHancock and Te N Te on the bottom side. With her solid buckskin color andconformation it will make her foals hard not to like.
BLUE SUSIE BUCK  09 blue roan mare15-2 hands tall. This mare tracesback to Blue Valentine, Perty Buck Poco, and Lowry Hancock.
ROYAL CEE BLUE 05 blue roan mare 15-2 hands tall This mare has it all.Cutter Bill, Blackburn, Doc Bar, Colonel Freckles and Two Eyed Jack. Mixthose bloodlines with the blue roan color and her foals are hard to turndown.She has a really nice son standing stud in Georgia.
TWO BIT MONEY 2008 black mare15 hands tall. This is another RenoMoney Two mare that we saved to put back into the broodmare band.
Rafter Black Bars  This is another Rafter W filly that we raised and kept for the broodmare band. 15-2
BLACKBURN 992 1999 red dun mare15-2 hands tall. This mare has thedun look with the bloodline and size to match. Bloodline that includes the solid Blackburn and Waggoner bloodline.
RT MY GOOSE BONNET 09 brown mare that has Plenty Try on her papers top and bottom.
MISS FLY POCO 07 chestnut mare that has all of the Haythorne Ranch breeding. She goes back to Continental Fly on the top and Poco Bueno on the bottom. This is a heavy made mare that throws great babies.
Blusupreme Queen This is a 16 hand mare that is out of one of our reference sires, Blusupreme Twist.

TWO BIT RENO  2010 buckskin mare out of Reno Money Two that goes back to Poco Bueno on the bottom.
HUEYS LAST TVEDT  2010 bay roan mare that stands 16 hands. This mare goes back to Blue Valentine on the top and bottom sides of her pedigree.
BUDS BLACKBURN  2011 dun mare out Buds Blue Hancock. We were happy to find a daughter of Bud that we could add to the broodmare band.
BADGER ANN HANCOCK  2012 grullo mare. Another Bud daughter that was added to the broodmare band.

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